I’m aubrie yerdon

Priestess of Spirit & Soul Coach

Redefining Ascension and New Age Spirituality

Mindful Reprogramming Method

Create long term spiritual advancement by digging deep into your subconscious and transforming habitual patterns.

Ascension (R)Evolution Program

Remove the obstacles keeping you from following your inner wisdom while creating tools for your spiritual growth.

Leading You Back To Your Soul’s Voice

You are more than just another human.

Within each of us, there is a little spark of Divinity that is the Infinite Spirit. We come from Spirit into our human bodies to learn lessons through experience, and retain the ability to access the infinite as our own soul throughout the process. As we age, we begin to forget our true infinite nature, subscribing to the stories being told to us by others and by our own human minds. We limit ourselves to what we consider possible, and hold ourselves back from sovereignty and love in every moment.  

Are you striving to be closer to your Higher Self?

Have you attended classes and retreats, just to find yourself back at square one when you return home?

Do you start your day on a high note, just to lose that spark in your schedule?

Are you ready to connect to your infinite essence and create a life that is rich with beautiful experiences?

Dissolve Patterns

Recognize and reform the mind’s many ploys with a toolkit you create yourself

Transmute Trauma

Turn the experiences that weigh on you into the strengths that drive you forward

Unlock Abilities

Cultivate your energetic abilities and discover more as you grow and expand

Align & Grow

Construct new patterns and daily rituals that enrich your life with energy and love


“We used tarot and some other spiritual practices to help with the releasing of old patterns with as much ease and comfortability as possible. Without this program and the help of Aubrie, this process of transformation would have been a lot harder for me. To be honest, there’s not anything I would have liked to see done differently. Aubrie was compassionate and professional in her approach to working with me and assisting my spiritual growth in any way she could. I can never thank Aubrie enough for everything we’ve worked through together!”

-Jake Shepherd of Esoteric Crystals

“She has one of the most radiant souls I have come across in a very long time. Her gentle voice, calming, soothing energy, and wise direction, were the perfect combination to inspire each of us to connect, ground, and let our intentions go. She has a true gift. I am grateful for the opportunity to experience working with her.”

-Kathryn Argiro

Transform Your Trauma Into Strength. Reform Your Mind’s Pathways. Connect To Source. Begin Anew.

Every service and class presented by Spiral Consciousness is designed with years of study both traditionally and with Higher Consciousness. You will walk away from each experience with practical tools that you can act on immediately in order to transform your life. You’ll receive the non-judgmental and pure support you need in order to blossom into your TRUE self.

However, this work is not for the faint of heart; every class and each session is designed to trigger you and push you out of your comfort zone. By pushing your boundaries, you’ll find the fears that keep you chained in your limited reality so that we can quickly break them down. You’ll be held accountable for your work, so no excuses, only ascension and clarity!


Don’t Wait Any Longer. Discover Life As A Free Soul.