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As Aubrie traverses the deep unknown located within each of us, you’ll find written and video stories here, where you can access them at any time.

May you learn about yourself throughout the journey!

Retrogrades Are Your Friend… I Can Prove It

Retrogrades are not a time for fear and worry. Retrogrades are a tool that we need use to reset, re-evaluate, and remodel. Right now, we have the most potent cocktail of energies raising everything that can hold us back from success in finding compassion and love for ourselves.

Energy Update: April 2019

Our new free service: monthly updates on upcoming energies, collective readings, and community on-goings! Because your third eye don't lie, and neither does mine 😉     New Moon in Aries: Friday the 5th Aries is motivated, creative, stubborn, goal oriented,...

Aubrie Yerdon

Aubrie Yerdon

Song Healer, Yogini, Self-Explorer Extraordinaire

Hey there, I’m Aubrie! I have dedicated my life to exploring the connection to our inner compassionate essence, its connection to the love of Source, and how that affects the world around us. I host healing circles, teach yoga, and use energy healing to heal trauma, discover and transform limiting patterns, and cultivate self love.

My partner, daughter, two cats and dog all live in Central New York, a beautiful place to be for those that love nature, as we do. I hope you find the tools, knowledge, and support your journey to inner awareness here!

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