Spiral Consciousness

A Whole-istic Approach To Empowerment


Sessions that reveal your strengths, translate your triggers, decode your traumas, and enable the embodiment of your inner truth. Each session blends traditional & non-traditional energy work, movement techniques, meditation, and discussion to make life-changing discoveries.


The Luna Sisterhood is a space for womxn & non-binary people of all backgrounds, shapes, colors, and sexualities to gather each month to support, uplift, and encourage each other. A meditation, journal prompts, and ritual will be provided during each meeting.


Classes are currently being offered in the Watertown, NY and surrounding areas, both publicly and privately. Enjoy classes, workshops, and more that encourage a deep connection to your Divine inner self and the divinity in others.

Aubrie Yerdon

Aubrie Yerdon

MindBody Therapy Practitioner, Yoga Instructor, Energy Worker, & Soul Connection Coach

Hey there, I’m Aubrie! I have dedicated my life to exploring the connection to our inner compassionate essence, its connection to the love of Source, and how that affects the world around us. I am a MindBody Therapy Practitioner, yoga instructor, energy worker, explorer, and super mom, here on this Earth to guide others through their pain to a place of love and peace.

I started my journey many years ago, Googling what an empath was, and reading The Idiot’s Guide to Buddhism. This seemlingly odd infatuation with energy, mindfulness, and movement has expanded into an embodied experience of self love and trust in my own Divine inner guidance. Years of dedication to self-advancement and study has brought me to understand how trauma held in the body and mind is the real reason why manifestation of our dreams seems hard, we repeat lessons, and find ourselves feeling that we are not one whole, sacred, beautiful being.

Let’s get you on track to remembering, and EMBODYING, that truth.

Somatic Asension Group

Join our online sacred space! Located on Facebook, the Somatic Ascension Group is a no-cost place to begin your awakening with somatics. Learn different techniques on working with your felt sense, receive support from members, and make new friends! Each week includes a live lesson on somatic ascension- don’t miss out!

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