Working through difficult energy, whether it be from within our personal lives or from shifts and other etheric changes, directly affects our ability to thoroughly protect ourselves. This is a time where protection is extra important, but when you’re distracted, how can you be sure you’re operating safely?

Current Energy Update

From time to time, we experience shifts in energy and consciousness as Mother Earth moves works Her way out of the third dimension and into the fifth. Or, we may be going through something that makes being present in our spiritual practice tricky.

Remember, this is totally normal and okay!

But you’ll still want to make sure that while you’re adjusting or recovering, no low vibrational beings or frequencies are pushing away from your life mission.

I picked up a way to shield that is easy to conjure even on your worst days. It stays in place without your conscious effort, and keeps your space safe while you’re unable to do your normal level of work.

Here’s how it works:

First, cleanse your space. Use Reiki and other clearing methods that you usually participate in. I like to burn a mixture of sage and mugwort, while stating the intention that all low vibrational energies and beings must leave the space, and only high vibrational beings and energies of love and light may stay.

Next, imagine a vortex forming around and through your house. Feel the energy pick up in the storm and swirl all the low vibration and chaotic energy away from you and your home.

Then, ask to anchor the bottom down through the Earth, through to the core, to Mother Earth’s heart center. Ask Her for it to remain anchored there for your protection. Thank the Earth for allowing this energy to be stationed within Her.

Similarly, ask to anchor the top up through the sky, through the Universe, all the way to Universe’s heart center. Ask for it to anchor there and remain anchored there for your protection. Thank the Universe for allowing this energy to be stationed within Him.

Finally, call in Archangel Michael or any other protective beings of love and light you resonate with to remove any leftover “junk” and to leave you in peace. Ask him to help strengthen the vortex and keep any low vibration or chaotic energies from entering.

This process is usually efficient and can last for up to 24 hours without having to be mindful of it.

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