As you grow in your practice and understanding of your personal abilities and gifts, you may come to realize that techniques you used to use daily may not be quite hitting the mark the way they do for others. One of these that many empaths have mentioned is the process of shielding. It’s supposed to work so well, and yet many of us walk away from the day still drained. Why is that?

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Being an empath is a tough job sometimes. When you walk into a department store and are bombarded by feelings and emotions from every person inside the building, it get so overwhelming super fast! Taking on all the emotions of those around you can also cause you to become sick; negativity isn’t good for anyone!

Because of this, we are told we should shield before going out.

Shielding is the process of creating an energy bubble to deflect negative energy from coming into your space. However, there’s a HUGE flaw with this- can you think of what it is?

Blocking out energy isn’t healthy. Like at all.

So what can we do instead of shielding so that we aren’t taking on and keeping other peoples’ emotions, but we aren’t blocking it out either?

Processing Energy

What if, rather than simply deflecting the energy you feel when you walk into a department store, you breathe it into yourself, know it to be not your own, and release it back to the Universe?

This is what I call processing energy. As an empath, we’re going to take the energy on one way or another.  We might as well help out by releasing it so Universe can transmute it back into its natural, positive state. I personally feel that this is the main use of the empathic ability, to take on and then release the negative emotions of those around us.


Of course, you won’t be able to do this 24/7 and that’s COMPLETELY okay!

Processing energy can be draining, especially when you are first learning how to do it. If it gets to be overwhelming, or you need a break to rest, don’t hesitate to shield! Shielding is not a bad thing to do on occasion. It’s just not something that we should rely on constantly.

You should also have a clearing, centering, and grounding technique in place for yourself to make sure no energy is getting stuck during the releasing process. I will be writing a blog on my personal end-of-the-day process soon!

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