Recently, I’ve been expanding my knowledge and my healing arts. It’s had a profound effect on me and my journey in unspeakable ways. Here’s what’s been happening.

Clearing Childhood Trauma

Archangels are something that I’ve had a lot of problems working with. I intellectually understand that they are non-denominational beings of a higher dimension that work to assist Earth and humans to clear suffering that they’ve created as well as lead Earth to new understandings about the Universe.

I once worked with them somewhat often but this quickly became very difficult, due to my upbringing. I was raised in a conservative Catholic home, and mentions of angels bring back old feelings of what is called, “Catholic guilt.” This is the term given to the feeling that many Catholics have; when they realize that they are not perfect humans, they are taught that they must feel guilty. Though I have cleared much of this from my psyche, it had still remained whenever talk of Archangels came up.

I knew this was problematic, especially since the Archangels are able to provide amazing support, so I began to study more about them. It was very hard, as much of the information about them is found in holy books, or channeled by people who I had not yet confirmed as reliable. As such, it became necessary for me to reach out to them directly, something I’ve avoided for the most part for quite some time now.

Reaching Out and Healing

One thing I don’t tolerate within myself is to shy away from things that challenge me. As I read more about the Archangels, I decided the best way to really decipher my attraction to these beings was to call out to them and ask.

During a session with a client, I decided that it was better late than never to incorporate the Archangels into a healing session. They’re loving beings of light, so why not, right?

What actually happened was so profound, it shook me to the core of my being.

As I called four Archangels into the room during the session (I called Uriel, Raphael, Michael, and Gabriel), the energy completely shifted. Rather than me driving the session, pushing to pick up and create space for my client as I pushed compassionate energy into them, I was asked to take a step back and just observe. I watched as the Archangels came in and individually worked on my client’s needs.

The most stellar part was that as they worked, they guided me to problem areas, explained to me what was imbalanced and why, and assisted me as I transmuted the imbalances away. It made for a swift session for my client, and a magical time for me.

With this in mind, I decided it was time to really begin digging into my relationship with healing and with the Archangels, and began to reach out to other people.

A New Understanding

After the session I did with my client including the Archangels, I started paying more attention to how I felt when I called them. With many beings, including my own guides, I have clairsentient emotions “sent” to me to decipher as messages. However, with the Archangels, it seems to be a more direct message delivered in my mind, almost like telepathy.

Naturally, I decided to further test this connection. I grabbed my pendulum to work as a means to double check information as it came into my mind. I called on Archangel Jophiel, who is the archangel of beauty, wisdom, and understanding.

Among my questions for Jophiel was a confirmation of my mission here on Earth. My most sincere wish is to help people to clear their Karma and heal from past traumas, while building a foundation for a life where they can manifest and live freely. While I do this for myself, I can further assist others on this path. While walking this path, the Archangels will be an integral part of the work, since we are all incarnated as humans and can’t be expected to handle all this work alone!

It is my understanding that everyone who is even slightly called to the Archangels should most definitely work with them. They are wonderful beings who will intervene on our behalf and direct us towards our truth, while expressing love and joy in the process.

By jumping into this new way of working with the Archangels, I challenged a limiting belief and set myself on a new path of love and am now able to support others in a new and exciting way! Oh what fun shadow work can be (or, at least worthwhile!)

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