Ceremony of Consciousness

A sacred collective healing and intention setting that takes place on every Full Moon

Your Monthly Sacred Full Moon Ritual

Each month, we meet on the Full Moon to create a space of healing, clarity, and intention for ourselves and our fellow spiritual pioneers. All you need in order to catalyze your growth and power your soul’s journey can be found in Ceremony.

During each Ceremony of Consciousness, you will receive:

Multidimensional Energy Shifts Through Sound

Shake out stagnant energies, bring your your soul’s truth to the surface, and break through any blocks you currently have with a potent sound healing session. We enter into a sacred astral space in order to receive the highest frequency of energy we can, busting through blocks and realigning your energy quickly.

Knowledge from the Divine

Learn about the astrology of the full moon as it changes each month, gather focus on what needs your attention, and receive messages from Higher Consciousness in real time. A thorough explanation of what the Human Collective can focus on during each specific full moon, as well as how to manifest that in the physical world, will be included each month.

Group Ritual and Manifestation

We will set our intentions to paper, learn what we can do to maximize the moon’s energetic potential, and even create mental & spiritual tools to bring into your physical world. Ensure your work during the Ceremony of Consciousness is instilled in every aspect of your life with specific tips and tricks created especially for each ceremony intention.

Recorded Ritual In Your Inbox

Unable to attend live, or need to return to a message or the sacred healing space? Do so with the recorded version of the Ceremony! Time is a third dimensional illusion, so you can call upon the energies shared in the Ceremony of Consciousness at any time.

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Recurring Ceremony

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