How often do you connect with your higher self? Is is something you do regularly, or does it get overlooked? Here’s why you should begin a regular practice of connection to your higher self today.

connecting with your higher self (1)

Who is your higher self? 

Your higher self can also be referred to as your inner self, or your true self. This is an aspect of yourself that is not stuck in the third dimension or limited by the Veil of Unknowing. Your inner self remembers what your purpose is, what your abilities and strengths are, and how to effectively use them to heal and promote a loving ascension for all humans.

Each person has their own special mission here on Earth, and their own way that they will carry this out. Your higher self knows the details of this and is more than happy to help you remember the things you need to know to do your job at this time.

Working with your higher self

Connecting with your higher self is like connecting with any higher being. The same steps can and should be used to ensure a safe and loving interaction.

How to Connect to Your Higher Self (1)

1. Cleanse yourself and your space

Use Reiki and other energy clearing methods that you usually participate in. I like to burn a mixture of sage and mugwort, while stating the intention that all low vibrational energies and beings must leave the space, and only high vibrational beings and energies of love and light may stay.

2. Protect your work area

Use your personal protection technique to ensure only beings of love and light are entering your work space.

3. Make sure this is truly your higher self

Call on your higher self to join you in your sacred and protected space. Ask your guides to screen the being you have called to make sure that this is your higher self of love and light only.

You can also use a pendulum to confirm that this is your higher self of love and light only. Ask three times, stopping the pendulum in between. A being that is there for self serving reasons will not be able to answer “yes” to the question, “are you of love and light only?” three times in a row.

4. Enjoy your conversation

Make sure to have pen and paper handy so you can record the information for later!

When we take the time to connect with ourselves, we are connecting with the consciousness of All, and ensuring our success on our path.

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