July wasn’t an easy month.

I think I speak for all of us when I say this. Two eclipses, landing on the new moon and the full moon, in addition to FIVE planets in retrograde (Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto) made July a shitshow, to say the least. Many of us hit some of our lowest points in a very long time. Please know that you are not alone in this, and remember to reach out for help (both traditional professional help and spiritual assistance as it calls to you.)

We’re seeing our heaviest lessons come up for review as these eclipses mark the end of a THIRTEEN YEAR CYCLE. Take time to reflect on where you were thirteen years ago; what is the major thing that you have learned since then?

For me, this has been a battle with my self worth and expression. Like my grandmother before me, I struggled extensively with accepting my soul’s true calling and not falling into someone else’s idea of who I should be. Everyone seems to have a way that it “should” be done. I haven’t heard someone tell me that I should and can find my own way based on what passion calls from within my heart (that is, until I told myself that.)

As we delve into the Leo New Moon and approach the Lion’s Gate, I am reminded that all things are possible- not just for me, but for you too! 

In embracing the music, healing, and light within my heart, I can now extend this knowledge and support to others. Be on the lookout for opportunities to work with me one on one, coming very soon!

Message from Archangel Uriel & the Golden Ray of Consciousness

You have been fraught with change and big shifts, uncomfortable reminders of the past you wish to escape. However, the past is what has shaped you, and has brought you to the point of being able to begin working directly with your true self! Do not belittle yourself for your flaws; know these are your strengths when you let them be. Your next steps need to come from a place of empowered self-love so that you may walk through life with extraordinary brilliance and knowing. Remember that when you feel you are not able to live up to what you perceive to be “right,” that you are still perfect in every way, and are supported by Source and all Its parts with the greatest and deepest of Love.

New Moon in Leo: Wednesday, July 31st

Finally… fiery Leo is back! The Leo New Moon is one of my most favorite astrological times of the year. Leo is the fixed fire sign- creative, bold, loyal, and has the courage to follow through with wild ideas. With it falling on the New Moon, we are multiplying both of these astrological energies. Because of its fixed nature, the bright Leo energy doesn’t get out of control, so we can ground and manifest our ideas into reality rather quickly.

The New Moon in Leo lands in July, making it the second new moon of the month, commonly referred to as a black moon. This makes the inspirations we receive and the intentions we create especially powerful. We’ll also have the opportunity to really dig into our Higher Self/True Self’s passion and create goals from a space of deep connection that will help drive us through the Lion’s Gate energy on 8/8 (more on that in a bit.)

Full Moon in Aquarius: Thursday, August 15th

Aquarius is the fixed air sign, and is the ingenuitive sign of the cosmos. Aquarius is known for stepping out of the box; artistic, spiritual, humanitarian, and unique, this month’s full moon is asking more of us than just our usually-planned ritual. The Full Moon in Aquarius will grant us new ways of looking at where we’re at and what we’re doing. It will also gift us with new avenues to achieving the goals we set with the Leo new moon, complimenting the work we do at the end of July with realizations and opportunities galore!

During the Full Moon, be sure to listen to your heart deeply. When you have the desire to try something new (or seemingly outlandish), indulge yourself and try it out. You may find yourself in the middle of an adventure that opens your eyes about your goals and the path you’re walking, as well as how you can manifest the life you and your True Self know you are meant to live.

Other Astrology-Related Stuff To Remember

Mercury goes Direct! Friday, August 2nd

Mercury finally goes direct on the 2nd, and its shadow period ends the week after. Communication will begin being more fluid, and we’ll (hopefully) have less mechanical issues. Yay!

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