May went by so fast!

I can’t even believe it’s time to send out another newsletter! This month has been filled with solar storms, epic shifts, and huge ideas coming into our lives as we move into the summer season. This past month, we’ve continued to see elements of the toxic and divine feminine battling for their place in the world, and have been feeling this on an internal level as well. It’s been seen throughout the collective that May was another month of cleansing, releasing and resetting, especially with the relationships in our lives. The New Moon in Taurus helped us to reconnect with our sensual natures, and the Full Moon in Scorpio brought that emotion to a head, ending many contracts and relationships that we may have thought would never cease.

But this has created the space to allow for a brilliant month to arise, June! Happy summer, my friends!

Be sure to scroll down for June’s energy forecast, amazing opportunities are coming out way ❤

Upcoming Events & Opportunities:

NEW! The Conscious Clinic: our sacred full moon healing event. This is a special, sacred monthly meeting where you will:

+ Activate your Higher Self connection in a meaningful way
+ Nurture your new ideas and habits
+ Co-create new opportunities for growth and love
+ Find clarity for the muddled parts of your journey

Learn more and reserve your space here!
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The Spiral Ascension Academy is quickly approaching- you’ll get another email once we’re closer. This also means the Spiral Consciousness website is currently down and under construction, so apologies for any confusion there.

Updates for the Local Crowd:

I am teaming up with Jenn Rose of Zennergy Studios on June 22nd at 6:30pm for our Midsummer Solstice Celebration! Yoga, bellydancing, a fire ceremony, and s’mores will assist this intimate experience on a private beach complete. Sign up today to reserve your space, as they’re extremely limited!

I’m bringing Hot Yoga to Utica on June 26th t 5:30pm at JP3 Performance Studios! The temperature will be 98°F+, allowing us to sweat out toxins, expand our muscles, quiet our mind, and truly get in touch with out inner selves. Check it out here.

Have you wanted to learn the Japanese healing art of Reiki, but have been waiting for the right time? This is it! Reiki Level One will take place at Zennergy Studios at 10am on June 29th. Tuition is only $75 if you register before June 15th, so be sure to take advantage of the savings here!

Our Reiki share at Zennergy Studios will be Saturday, June 22nd at noon. You can save your spot here for free, and we’ll have a cup of tea waiting for you! Heart-based donations will be gratefully accepted.

New Moon in Gemini: Monday, June 3rd

Gemini is the mutable air sign, the communicator and jack of all trades. Our New Moon in Gemini brings out a progressive, proactive side of ourselves. This new moon will bring many new and rich ideas our way! When you get an idea that is outside of the box, jot it down immediately. Take some time to consider if it would be a viable solution to one or more concerns in your life- as Gemini can be a two-sided coin, the ideas that come to you may help you on many different levels. Just make sure you take time to consider all angles of the idea before implementing it, for the exact same reason… some of these ideas might affect you in more ways than you originally think!

As the communicator, Gemini asks us to make this the month that get clear with ourselves and with others on our boundaries, and speak out more often than we hold back. How many times have you had a thought, idea, or impression and held it back? This is your month to set the intention to be more open! You may find that you’re connecting with new people, or connecting deeper with those you already know, when you allow your true feelings come out. You create fantastic opportunity when you speak authentically in this way.

Full Moon in Sagittarius: Monday, June 17th

Sagittarius is the mutable fire sign, capable of making great leaps and bounds in a short amount of time. Coupled with the mutable air sign, we’re going to be making all sorts of changes this month! Sagittarius is free-spirited and a bit wild. This Sagittarius full moon gives us the opportunity to see two things: where we are, and where we wish to be. This full moon, reflect deeply on all the things you’ve accomplished with your fiery spirit and passion, and recognize the fuel you have in your soul to do it again! You can also use this full moon to release everything that you’ve found holding you back from the New Moon’s fresh ideas. Both Gemini and Sagittarius are very progressive, so they pair together well to great a fantastic opportunity to start fresh and make new things happen! Don’t be afraid to let go of people, places, and things that are holding you back from your dream at this time.

Other Events:

June 21st: Summer Solstice, Midsummer Celebrations, and Litha

The Solstice marks the peak of summer, when the days are the longest and the nights are warm. Surrounded by abundance, take time to celebrate the beauty of the season with a dinner of fresh picked vegetables and a fire with s’mores!

This will be a great day to re-affirm your intentions to expand your consciousness and reconnect with Truth and Love. Make it special- do it outside, surrounded in the embrace of Mama Gaia and all of our plant friends!

Six of Wands

The wands are blooming, stretching and growing up towards a rainbow ring in the sky. This month, we reach for the heavens as we finally see success! All the things we’ve been so dutifully working towards since the beginning of the year should begin to yield fruit at this time. The healing, understanding, and peace we have been cultivating is coming our way this June! Just be sure that you’re remaining grateful for the amazing opportunities and abundance coming your way. The ego might come up out of nowhere and begin creating new thought patterns that serve to distract you from your truth, so make sure to keep your eyes open as you receive.

The Singer of Healing

Though we’ll be surrounded in blessings, we’re still on Earth and will continue our path of learning and healing. This month, keep your balance of giving and receiving in balance. As your blessings bloom, share that new passion with those around you. Also be open to receive abundance from many different sources- it could be a new friendship, an unassuming day trip, the colors of the setting sun. Receive all aspects of the coming blessings- the more we are able to receive, the more we are able to give. This card also lets us know that there will be many healing energies available for us this month, so live your best life and allow yourself to be your best!

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