Let’s recap- April was a wild ride.

April was an exciting month! Though astrologically we did not have big things happen, the energy throughout the past month has been insane! We are being asked to look closely at ourselves, our truths, and our actions with scrutiny. What have we been allowing to live in our subconscious mind that is working against our dreams? I’ve heard a lot of talk about some aspects of the New Age movement, specifically the “love and light only” mentality that is commonly kept. Some seek to push away any feelings of discontent, sorrow, and pain, calling them negative aspects that need to be released. However, the key to ascension is not ignoring ourselves; it’s the exact opposite, the key is to listen to yourself. Uncomfortable experiences are inevitable, but they help us to stay grounded. Being able to be grateful during hard times means that we’ll have that mentality in place when good things come our way.

We have also been challenged to look at femininity as a whole, and its toxic traits. Just like the Divine Masculine, the Divine Feminine has its shadow side as well. Using the allure of physical pleasures to distract and control others, playing the victim to control a situation, and manipulating the emotions of others have been the main things that I have been seeing and focusing on with toxic femininity. Toxic femininity will mean something different to everyone, but if we all recognize it as it rises to the surface, we can begin the process of learning and understanding the Divine Feminine as a whole on a deeper level.

Remember, as we plow through these deep lessons, we are birthing a new way of Being, one that is balanced and aligns with the true nature of Source. We will each have our own understanding of what Source within us is like, but we are able to go through similar lessons at the same time. How awesome!

New Moon in Taurus: Saturday May 4th

Taurus is the fixed Earth sign, the sign of building foundations and sensuality, and associated with Archangel Gabriel. Our Taurus new moon challenges us to consider our relationship with our bodies, with our desires, and with the life we have created thus far. Taurus asks us, who are we becoming, and is it a sustainable lifestyle? Will it bring us prosperity as well as happiness? Last month, we focused on creating a plan of action for the coming months. With this moon, check in on your goals. Are the manifesting the way you intended? Perhaps as you got into the work, you realized that your goals will take longer than expected, or maybe even that the path you thought you’d walk isn’t exactly what you’d thought it’d be. This new moon gives us the opportunity to survey and to redirect, this time with the grounded awareness you need to create a long term plan that will suit your life in a positive way.

We are also given the opportunity to tune into ourselves. The new moon in Taurus is opportune for digging into our relationship with the Divine Feminine aspect of Source. Now that we’ve recognized some of the traits of the shadow feminine, we can now set intentions that will assist us in beginning to realign with the divinity within. As Taurus is an earth sign, take time to feel into your physical body- where do you hold tension, discomfort, or sickness? When you focus on that spot, what sort of emotions arise? By being present with these experiences, we can tailor our actions going forward to heal these imbalances and find comfort in our bodies and our sexual nature.

Full Moon in Scorpio: Saturday May 18th

Scorpio is the fixed water sign, the outlaw of the water signs. Scorpio is very well known for its fearless, seductive, and tenacious ways, and as a water sign is associated with Archangel Raphael. After a new moon of setting intentions of healing in the body, including our sensual natures and the toxic aspects of femininity, be prepared to have Taurus’s resolution be tested during this full moon. Scorpio’s energy is attractive, sexual, and is filled to the brim with powerful emotions. My best advice is to use this energy to test your boundaries. Allow yourself to be wild, testing the waters with new adventures, and follow your own desires to the brink of discomfort. In this place, you’ll find what still needs healing. What fears do you hold beneath your resolve? On the night of the full moon, set intentions to release these fears. In the future, you’ll be able to go forth with your adventures with more gratitude for the moment.

Other Events:

May 1st: Beltane

Beltane is a sacred holiday that honors fertility and the coming of summer. Much like Samhain (Halloween), the Veil of Unknowing is thin, allowing us to touch the sacred with our bare hands. Expect this day to be a little extra special, as contact with higher consciousness will be easier than normal. Traditionally, this day is honored with a blessed fire, dancing, feasting, and general merriment.

Two of Swords, Reversed

In this card, we see a woman wearing armor, swords crossed in front of her face. She is defensive, crouching down and waiting for something to happen. Reversed, she is even more defensive, to the point where she is immobile with her fear of what might happen if she moved. What is scaring you into indecision and procrastination? What parts of yourself are you holding back and protecting? This month is optimal for jumping into a new understanding of yourself, so don’t hold back!

Faeries of the Future, reversed

With this card, we return to our questions for the new moon:  who are we becoming, and is it a sustainable lifestyle? The fae of the future travel with us, and when they come up in a reading you know it’s time to re-evaluate what future we want. Pause and consider what you really want to manifest, who you want to be 25 years from now- the groundedness of Taurus will assist you in clearly seeing what that is. Are you following your calling, or has it been clouded by the promises and expectations of others? Ask the Faeries of the Future and the Gnome King for assistance, and call on Archangel Uriel for clarity in your next steps. They’ll make sure you’re travelling the path to peace.

Upcoming Events & Opportunities:

Big announcement on the way! Keep your eyes out for an announcement on the new moon, as something really HUGE is coming to the Spiral Consciousness commUnity! It will be announced on Facebook and Instagram, and I promise you don’t want to miss out on this!

The Heal and Manifest Collective is now the Heal and Manifest CommUnity, as we seek to create a sacred space for sharing, learning, and supporting one another on our ascension journeys. This month, our focus will be moving away from the dismissive “love and light only” mentality in favor of balance, as well as working together to recognize the toxic traits of our feminine selves to honor healing for these aspects of ourselves. Join us here on Facebook.

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Updates for the Local Crowd:

Our first Reiki share at Zennergy Studios will be Saturday, May 11th at noon. You can save your spot here for free, and we’ll have a cup of tea waiting for you! Heart-based donations will be gratefully accepted.

I am humbled to be able to facilitate TWO sisterhood circles on the new moon each month, one in Seneca Falls and one in Rome. This month, the Copper City Sisterhood Circle will be meeting on Wednesday, May 1st at 7pm at Bellamy Harbor Park. The Seneca Falls Sisterhood Circle will meet at the Rustic Boheme on Friday, May 3rd at 6pm. Join the Facebook groups for each to be updated ahead of time of our meeting times- these support groups are invaluable!

I host yoga a few times per week- keep an eye out on the Spiral Consciousness Facebook page for times and places.

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