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New Moon in Aries: Friday the 5th

Aries is motivated, creative, stubborn, goal oriented, takes charge, active. Cardinal Fire sign. New moon can be used to fire ideas and begin following passions. Can be used as a portal of initiation. Associated with Archangel Uriel.

What creative projects, mind-body-spirit goals, and career aspirations do you have? This is the time to manifest and cultivate a plan of action for the next few months. Coming out of the introspective times that are winter months, we are now given the opportunity to begin setting the groundwork for the next year with this fiery ram energy. There is a lot of movement with this; this passionate energy pairs so well with the new moon, really allowing us to not only make choices for our benefit, but also fuel them with the energy of the Universe. What innovations will you channel from your Higher Self? What goals can your guides help you to set and commit to?

Full Moon in Libra (again?): April the 19th

Libra is analytical, inquisitive, intellectual, goal oriented, and active. Cardinal Air sign. Full moon is good for releasing, seeing manifestations come to fruition, empowerment, and transformation. Associated with Archangel Michael.

We checked in with our relationships with others during last month’s full moon in Libra. This month, we’re considering our relationship with ourselves. Since we set so many new and exciting goals with the new moon in Aries, we need to make sure we’re checking in with ourselves. How do we feel when we think about our aspirations? Besides excitement, is there tension anywhere? Are we harboring fears anywhere in the body, mind, or spirit? Airy Libra lends us both imagination and rationalization, so we can imagine how our long-term manifestations might come to fruition while remaining grounded enough to release attachments.

Tarot & Oracle of the Month:

Tarot Card: Hierophant, reversed

The Hierophant is painted in my deck as a man with a long beard, his hand in a mudra, prayer beads on his wrist, holding a book, a symbol over his third eye. Behind him is an almost halo-like mandala. The Hierophant is the wise old teacher, the man who has dedicated himself to philosophical and religious study. He knows all there is to know about the old ways things have been done, and may be quite strict in the way he advises us to conduct our work now.

Reversed, we are being asked to challenge these rules. Though a certain ritual or process was once the best way to get your manifestations off the ground, we are now being asked to redefine this process with our intuition. Though the Hierophant means well, he can restrain us from growing our own power by trying to make us learn through books and the experiences of others. This month, remember that the ultimate teacher lives within and is a part of Source. The strict study that was once mandatory is quite outdated now, and we needs must create our own way now. Be a rebel, go against convention, and manifest your wildest dreams with the magic of your own soul!

Oracle Card: Peace, Archangel Chamuel

Chamuel is known as the Archangel of love, which is quite fitting with our full moon being in Libra two months in a row. He comes forward to remind us that the essence of our soul and the ultimate essence of Source is unconditional love. Source is eternal, omnipotent, and non-dualistic. There is no failure, no wrongdoing, no “negative” that can change the fact that you are a part of the Whole. We’ve had a very tough few months, especially this past March, to prepare for the amazing things that we will be able to create for ourselves. Find peace in the fact that you have never made a “wrong” decision, that you have learned many important lessons along your journey, and that you are now able to break away from what other people say you must do in order to follow your own very special calling. Have faith in your intuition, call things as you see them, and live your authentic truth with the love that resounds from within.

Rituals & Activities:

New Moon: A free new moon ceremony will be hosted live on the Spiral Consciousness Facebook page- check that out here! We’ll do a clearing and empowering ceremony, and call on Chamuel to assist us in connecting to that deep unending truth within.

And as always, I urge you to commit your ideas and plans to paper. This doesn’t need to be a huge long journal entry. It can be as simple as a few bullet points or steps to get your dreams rolling. Create a vision board or paste your notes somewhere that you’ll see them often, so you’ll be reminded of them each day.

Other Events


-I will be getting back to creating a weekly video for you! Topics will include spiritual lifestyle tips, meditations, surviving astrological events such as Mercury Retrograde, and more!

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Locally in Upstate New York:

-NEW! Stretch and Flow Yoga at JP3 Performance Studio! Keep an eye out for times as classes grow! First date is March 30th at 9:30 am- completely free of charge!

-Reiki Infused Gentle Yoga will continue to be hosted every Monday night at 6:45pm at Full Lotus Yoga in Rome, New York. Drop-ins are $10, packages at Full Lotus are available.

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