I was prompted by my guides to take a trip to Salem, Massachusetts this past weekend. I relied on my intuition to drive the vacation, and had the one of the most profound experiences of my life!

I was considering enjoying some time off at home when my partner mentioned Salem, Massachusetts. I suddenly had an intuitive feeling that there was something very important to be done or found there, so Rebekah and I packed up to leave Friday.

Naturally, since it was intuition that promped us to go, we decided to rely on my intuition to plan the trip rather than making plans on where to visit in advance. Our “vacation” turned into a complete mess of channelling, intuitive lessons, precognitive messages, bonding, and general hard work.

Following Intuition

As you probably know by now, intuition can feel more like a whim than an actual sign. Walking around Salem, going in and out of stores and museums then returning to the same stores looking for items and inspirations that I wasn’t even sure was there, I felt so silly and picky about what we experienced and when. However, following these feelings will bring you to beautiful and meaningful situations and items.

For example, I found an amazing mortar and pestle made of stone with spirals engraved into it. I have needed a mortar and pestle for a long time, but have never really connected with a piece. I noticed a smaller one with a spiral, but when my partner found a larger one for the same price with many spirals engraved onto it, we both knew this was the one for me.


When you use your intuition remember to protect yourself and your personal space. Here is one way you may wish to do that:

Stay Positive

Remember, don’t get discouraged! When you’re in a city, especially an active one such as Salem, there’s bound to be a lot of interference. This can make the messages and your instinct get muddled and can be really frustrating.

The key is to disconnect for a few moments and re-center yourself. Ten deep breaths really goes a long way here! Allowing yourself to reset and try again, without judging yourself, will make for a more relaxed and enjoyable experience. Plus, this mindset allows you to reset and get back to your adventure quicker!

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