One of the core elements that hold us back in life is fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of what others will think. Much of this can be linked back to a need for shadow work; here’s how.

how shadow work cures fear

Let’s start by considering the fears that we personally have. What is your biggest fear?

Is it a fear of large crowds? Are you afraid of losing your significant other, or a close family member? Do you feel content with your home life, and are fearful of it changing?

Think of the thing that scares you the most. How do you go about your life dealing with your worries and fear under the surface?

Chances are, you bury them in the back of your mind and go about your day pretending that they don’t exist.

If you recall, this act of pushing things out of your mind creates a “shadow self,” and therefore requires you to do shadow work at a later date. Our shadow-selves are the sides of ourselves that we don’t like, and personally, I really don’t like the feeling of fearing things.

Rather than looking at the root of the fear in an objective, compassionate way, we might simply push the fear out of our mind until a later date.

For example, at one time I dealt off and on with the fear of my conservative family members finding out about the work I do at Spiral Consciousness and disowning me. This fear comes from a strict religious upbringing without tolerance for straying away from the values being taught, even when they didn’t resonate with me. It’s also rooted in poor treatment from other peers in school, who belittled me for being different (though it’s to be expected, it’s still hard for a young child to cope with.)

As I continue to work through these past problems and release the feelings I repressed when I was younger, I feel more empowered to stand up for all that I am and all that I believe in.

Fear stems from attachment.

When we begin to release these fears from the back of our mind we begin to release our shadow selves and empower ourselves as the master creators we are. (1)

The Buddha said that attachment is the root of suffering. When we are attached to something, we don’t allow the chance of change happening.

We want it a certain way, so when it doesn’t happen the way we’ve decided it should, we become upset. You can read a bit more about attachment in this post. 

When our attachment to something becomes unwavering or seems extremely important, we may become fearful that aspects of our desire will change.

Over time, our fear gets stronger as we consider what it would be like to not have the item, know the person, or look forward to the situation that we are attached to. What would we have if we didn’t have these things?

These fears grow and grow, and we shove them deep into our hearts so we can continue to function without dealing with them.

When we begin to release these fears from the back of our mind, we begin to release our shadow selves and empower ourselves as the master creators we are.

When we release our shadows, we are then able to manifest our best life. By releasing fear, we will find that there is no longer anything to hold us back from dreaming our biggest dreams!

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