The Joy Scholarship

Financial Assistance for Compassionate Souls

Finances should never be a bar to healing.

My grandmother was a gifted clairvoyant, healer, animal empath, and medium. She was a joyful soul, but was weighed down with many traumas, ancestral karmas, and past life memories that were stored in her body and mind. This beautiful woman assisted so many people and animals, but could never quite get it right for herself- something that, in the end, costed her life.

The problem was, my Nanna Joyce could not afford to pay for the kind of assistance she needed. A few sessions with a shaman, psychotherapist, or gifted coach would have changed her life, but she was never able to receive that while she was alive.

Nanna Joyce has now reunited with Spirit, and from this place of unconditional love, has provided a way for all people to receive healing and guidance as needed- with The Joy Scholarship.

The Joy Scholarship is an assistance program designed to benefit those in need of healing, as they continue to heal the world around them.

In order to be enrolled, scholarship recipients must offer service to the betterment of others- through community outreach, civil justice action or other forms of assistance for others and Earth.

How does The Joy Scholarship work?

Step One: Free 20 Minute Assessment

All of those interested in the MindBody Coaching program first apply for a 20 minute MindBody session. This session ensures that your goals and the goal of the program align, and help us to start identifying your strengths, along with beginning some recognition of where tensions in the body are being held.

Step Two: Joy Scholarship Application

After ensuring that the MindBody Coaching program is the perfect fit, you will then fill out a questionaire. You will need to provide information on how you much of the program tuition you need covered, as well as what supportive work you will provide to others (cannot be paid work- must be non-profit or charity work only!)

Step Three: Enrollment

The applications are received by Aubrie Joy, but are accepted by Aubrie’s spirit team, especially Nanna Joyce. Your enrollment will be sent to you once a decision is reached (usually 3-7 days.) If you are chosen to take part in The Joy Scholarship, your reduction in program cost, along with your welcome materials and ability to schedule your sessions, will be sent to you via email.

Does this sound like the perfect opportunity for you to receive the assistance you need? Start by clicking here:

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