As you have noticed by now, life on Earth is a little bit weird right now. The summer solstice has just passed, we have many planets in retrograde, and the new moon in Cancer is bringing up all of our emotions. This is a very potent and powerful mix of energies that is begging us to take a step back and reassess.

Mercury’s retrograde begins on the 7th, meaning we’re already in its shadow. Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto are already retrograding as well, adding fuel to the fire here on Earth, so to speak. Mercury asks us to slow down and look at our relationships, with others and with ourselves. Jupiter asks us to look at the ways we hold ourselves back, the opportunities we’ve kept ourselves from when we felt we weren’t enough for them. Saturn always finds a way to whoop us into shape, and its retrograde is no different- check your subconscious mind for the limiting patterns that have resulted in poor or traumatic experiences in the past. Neptune is usually very dreamy, but as it retrogrades it tells us to wake up and look around at what we’ve been creating for ourselves, and if our actions have measured up to the goals we’ve kept close to our hearts. And finally, Pluto’s retrograde urges us to face all of this head on with no apologies, because it’s coming to the surface one way or another. There are no excuses, and if you don’t take time to work on each aspect being brought forward, it will manifest into a mess in your life… which is why so many people hate retrograde season.

We also have a full solar eclipse happening on the new moon in Cancer, as well as a partial lunar eclipse on the full moon in Capricorn, and a black moon, or second new moon in a month, in Leo on the 31st. We’re also coming out of the summer solstice and beginning to enter eclipse season.

As you read this, you might think that this is a storm that is sure to knock you off your feet. I agree, it certainly is a storm, but whatever we think we create… and I don’t want to create another season of upset for myself! Retrograde season is always a time that causes distress for many. Slowing down is something that as a society, we do not tend to honor. We trade our time for money, and time spent in stillness is a waste. But if we don’t take time to honor stillness, when are we taking time to check in with our inner essence, to gauge how our actions and movement is standing up against our soul’s truth?

Retrogrades are not a time for fear and worry. Retrogrades are a tool that we need use to reset, re-evaluate, and remodel. Right now, we have the most potent cocktail of energies raising everything that can hold us back from success in finding compassion and love for ourselves. The triggers, fears, conditioning, ancestral trauma, all of it, can be worked on head on right now. The new moon in Cancer is our opportunity to set the intention to truly heal, to truly transform these things. Choosing to see this as the greatest and rarest opportunity, rather than something that is holding you back from success with its inconvenience, is pivotal to manifesting your dreams with love and beauty.

Let’s direct our focus on using the retrogrades’ slowing down to our advantage. Think of it as a garden where you planted your goals at the beginning of the spring. This isn’t a time to plant new seeds, but pull your shadow self’s weeds and remove the sprouts that will not become the plants of compassion and truth. You’ll learn exactly which plants need from you in order to flourish. Think of the new moon in Cancer as fertile soil to grow your soul’s deepest desires, and the retrogrades as the summer storms that soak the Earth in fresh energy and makes everything grow big and brilliant. These storms ruin our beach plans, but look at your garden the next day- everything is bright, green, and thriving! So when it comes time to harvest during the Autumn equinox, the exact fruit you dreamed of will be in prize-winning order, having been delicately cared for during this opportunity.

This is not to say that this season is going to be easy by any means. However, I’ve found that leaning into the change with an open heart, having compassion for myself when I fall short or misstep, and slowing down to listen to my soul for direction is the recipe for not only surviving, but thriving in this energetic gateway.

If you find yourself struggling, join the Heal and Manifest CommUnity on Facebook, or reach out to me directly! May you find the compassion of your soul during this season of introspection.



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