Shadow Work: A Quick How-To

Now that we’ve discovered what shadow work is and its effects on us over time, let’s look at the inner workings of this kind of process.

shadow work

What is shadow work again?

If you recall, shadow work is the process of re-integrating sides of ourselves that we don’t like with the sides of ourselves that we live as. When we talk about doing shadow work, we’re talking about bringing the parts of ourselves that we consider unsavory back into the thrall of our lives.

Feel free to re-read the original description of what shadow work is if you missed it!

How does one go about doing shadow work?

There are many ways to go about realigning yourself with lost aspects of yourself. We’ll look at is as if we are a tree, illustrated below:

Illustration by Rebekah Mondrick


When we meditate, we open space to allow for our minds to rest and our subconscious to surface.  Memories or emotions that we may not have thought of and expressed during our day can come up to the surface. This allows us to take note of what we may be sweeping under the rug so to speak throughout our day, and what is really bothering us.

We also create the practice within our lives to notice how we act and react. While we’re looking at the things we are not expressing, we can also notice what we are expressing, and how. We can notice habits, patterns, and styles of living that may be caused by something that needs to be released.

For example, perhaps we don’t come out and say that our past experience of having a poor relationship with a parent impacts the way we view people in charge, and yet, when our boss gives us tasks during the day, we find ourselves being rude and complaining despite it not being a hard task to complete. Over time, we can start to notice these trends, and begin to dig into where they are stemming from.


Yoga may be a practice to move our physical bodies, but it also assists us in moving our energy as well. Many yoga flows not only help us to stretch our bodies, but release pent up emotions from various areas of our bodies. It also helps us to be mindful of the emotions and memories being released, as during yoga we tend to be more focused on our stretches in the moment, and therefore are effectively able to focus on what is coming up for release.

For example, many people notice huge emotional releases when in poses such as pigeon and goddess. Our hips store a lot of emotional distress that we may not be effectively expressing, and by opening and breathing into the space, we bring those things to the surface.

Self Healing

All forms of energy healing, including Reiki, chakra balancing, Angelic healing, or any other kind of self-regeneration can assist you in the endeavor to become whole. When Universal energy is channeled into the body, it allows for a gentle release of emotions and memories over time, thereby giving you time not just to see what comes up, but also to allow it to mend.

Using the personal bioscan technique, you can feel for inconsistencies within your energy body and focus the energy in those places. Depending on what sort of shadow needs to be reintegrated and how it is affecting your daily life, you may find impacts throughout your entire etheric system. Many times I have found that the pain started in the heart chakra, but over time began to impact the other chakras. Use your intuition and the power of Universal energy to decide where in your body your personal shadows are linked.

If you’re not sure how to do a personal bioscan, check out the video below for help!

Shamanic Journeying

Shamanic journeying is a type of meditation that allows you to go directly into the subconscious and “see” the shadows first hand. Peoples’ experiences and understanding of this type of work varies; in my experience, shadow work can be effectively done in the Underworld, which correlates directly with the subconscious.

If you are experienced with this kind of work, is one of the most direct ways to release memories and emotions that need to be reintegrated. Journey to the Underworld and, with the help of your power animal and guides, work with your shadows directly to learn the lessons they bring and bring those energies back into your daily life. If not, seek out an experienced shaman or soulwork practitioner. (Check out my Soul Shard Reintegration sessions, the Star Shaman term for soul retrieval, right here!)

Use a mix of all techniques for the greatest improvement in the least amount of time!

The question is, why would you want to bring these separated parts back into your life?

Since we manifest as an entire being, this means that we manifest both with our conscious mind and with our subconscious mind. When discontent and fear still lives within us, we start to manifest the opposite of what we want. Check out this phenomena more in depth in this article.

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