The Somatically Aligned System

The Missing Link On Your Path To Healing, Empowerment, and Ascension

Are You Ready To Embody Your True Self?

This is a somatic (body-centered) approach to spiritual awakening and ascension. We focus on developing a relationship with our bodies, a sacred gift from Mother Earth. The body remembers and holds all that we experience, as well as ancestral information and even lessons from our past lives. This makes it the perfect place to look when we have questions about our strengths, our shadows, and where we need to be cracked open for the Divine within to re-enter.

You were born whole, a connected and present Divine being, ready to go forth into the world to bring healing, understanding, and peace to many people. However, as you navigate this world, you keep experiencing situations that bring sadness, pain, and even trauma into your being. You can’t see how you might follow your soul’s passion, or even figure out what that truly is, when it seems that for every step you take, life sends you three steps back.

For each event we experience, we react with our entire mind, body, and spirit system. This is because these three systems are all a part of one whole being, capable of being fully present in each moment. This also means that our memory is not limited to just the mind and soul- the body also remembers! Memories are stored in our bodies as tension, aches, itches, grumbles and more.

By learning to access our body’s memories through body-centered techniques, we can unlock our subconscious blocks, introduce real healing through self-love and acceptance, and begin to access our soul without pain holding us back.

Each Session Honors YOU- Here’s How:

In order to access the body’s sensations and understand them, we need to create an open and judgement-free relationship with it. Your body holds the key to your healing, but oftentimes we see tension and pain as a symptom, rather than a cue. Our sessions will start by getting to know your current movement practices (if you have any), as well as recognizing any limitations in that. Then, we’ll dive in to using specific movements and breath work to enhance this connection, allowing you to recognize and honor your body’s tensions as keys to healing over time.

As the body begins to reveal cues on where to look to begin healing, we can start to build a new relationship with your mind- one where self-love is the supreme guiding force. We start broadly by getting to know your lifestyle, your relationship to others & self, your goals, and your limitations. Then, we settle into deep discussions about specific sensations, emotions, blocks and beliefs, encouraging self-reflection and inner growth supported with compassion, acceptance, and love.

Intuition is necessary in any and all work involving the mind-body-soul system. We’ll discover what places in your life you currently utilize your intuition. Over time, you’ll be able to discern intuitive knowledge from your mind’s thoughts and your body’s sensations, creating a lasting relationship with your soul, your heart, and your true self. This connection will allow you to understand your greatest passions, recognize how to manifest your goals, and lean on your own inner self for direction, rather than taking advice from outside sources.

About Aubrie Joy

About Aubrie Joy

MindBody Therapy Practitioner, Yoga Instructor, Energy Worker, & Traveller

Hey there, I’m Aubrie! I have dedicated my life to exploring the connection to our inner compassionate essence, its connection to the love of Source, and how that affects the world around us. I am a MindBody Therapy Practitioner, yoga instructor, energy worker, explorer, and super mom, here on this Earth to guide others through their pain to a place of love and peace.

I started my journey many years ago, Googling what an empath was, and reading The Idiot’s Guide to Buddhism. This seemlingly odd infatuation with energy, mindfulness, and movement has expanded into an embodied experience of self love and trust in my own Divine inner guidance. Years of dedication to self-advancement and study has brought me to understand how trauma held in the body and mind is the real reason why manifestation of our dreams seems hard, we repeat lessons, and find ourselves feeling that we are not one whole, sacred, beautiful being.

Let’s get you on track to remembering, and EMBODYING, that truth.

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