Today is 8:8, the Lion’s Gate portal is fully open.¬†High frequency energy is POURING into our bodies and minds, through our spirit. In my Self, I feel the sensations of clearing and resetting in every cell of my body. I literally feel as if each cell is vibrating and is FILLED with bright, potent energies. I feel ready to take on the world… after I rest.

This gateway is marked by an alignment between the Earth and the star Sirius. As Sirius rises in the sky, Orion’s Belt directly aligns with the Pyramid of Giza, and from our perspective on Earth, it appears that Sirius (the brightest star we can see) comes closer to the Earth.

Needing to slow down and rest has been the main thing I’ve noticed as we’ve come into the Lion’s energy this year: my body has been asking me to slow down. Yesterday, I was unbelievably tired, groggy almost, which made no sense to me. I had a good night’s sleep and had channeled a good amount of information for the Spiral Ascension Academy (which is invigorating.) But all I wanted was a nap.

Today, my body is literally heavy, and I am quickly being overwhelmed when too much is asked of me. This is because you’re already doing so much work on the energetic and subconscious levels that adding to it on the physical level is just too much. I know that all of our bodies are literally being cleansed right now, starting on the atomic DNA levels, shaking our Karmic patterns, ancestral cycles, traumas that have been stored, lessons we’ve carried that are no longer needed, and so much more.

We are being shaken up, what no longer serves us is being stripped away, and it’s making space for us to step into the next frequency of our path on Earth. Though when we incarnate on Earth we do not have a set in stone “must do it this way” plan, our souls do have certain hopes or general ideas for how each energy frequency level will play out for us- how we will embody and express that frequency and change. So if you choose to stay at a low frequency (which is valid, all paths are valid and needed) then your soul will never push you to express a higher message or livelihood than what you can handle. If you are actively working on increasing your awareness of Source with yourself and others, then over time you will become more and more aware of new steps and new ways to share your understandings- and this is what we call ascension. It’s not that we are changing anything, we are simply shedding layers of lack, fear, and trauma and embracing a purer connection to our true selves- our souls- that is, in the end, a lower frequency aspect of Source that we can understand.

So as we are shedding, we are MAKING SPACE. Making space for new opportunities to grow our understanding, to hear our soul’s next idea, to embody a higher frequency of energy and express it here on Earth.

And this is what the first course in the Spiral Ascension Academy is all about- shedding, embodying, expressing. Finding and challenging the old patterns that you don’t need as you step into your soul’s next level of frequency, and creating tools that you can employ over and over again for each level to shed and step into your new embodiment of Source.

So take your time today. You’re shedding all that doesn’t serve you anymore in preparation for a new part of your journey, with a more aware & content expression of your true self. The Lion’s Gate portal offers you all the energy you need to do this work- simply be present with it.

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