Have you ever had something so mind blowing happen, that you can barely believe that it was real? 

Oddest Experience

Many times throughout out spiritual journey, we will have many synchronicities that remind us of the power of the Universe and ourselves. Some of these may be repeating numbers, finding feathers, situations working themselves out in front of your eyes, and many other experiences that let us know we aren’t in this alone.

I’d like to share about one such experience that I had- one that was so powerful, I still can barely believe it.

Some months ago, I noticed that the Eight of Swords in my Tarot deck was missing. 

I searched relentlessly for it. My partner sifted through it too, and couldn’t find it. I even pulled on the edges of the cards to make sure it wasn’t stuck- still nowhere to be found! I thought that perhaps it fell somewhere at a local event or maybe I’d never had it and it was a fluke with the manufacturer.

I was a bit worried about this as I didn’t know how long I’d been operating this deck without the card being present. I immediately contacted the artist/creator on Etsy, who thankfully was able to supply me with a replacement.

I received the replacement, and all went back to normal.

Recently, I grabbed my cards to prepare for a reading sessions and noticed one of my cards was on the floor. I picked it up without even looking at it, I was rushing to start on time.

I was prepping a specialty shadow work reading for a client (book your own here!) This works by taking the two-ten of one suit of cards from the deck in order to divine the level of element integration, and decipher next steps based on where you are on your path to healing. I removed all the swords cards, and all was normal.

I continued the session using the whole deck as normal. As I pulled cards, I felt an unusually strong pull to grab an extra one as part of the same question.

When I flipped the cards, there were 2 EIGHT OF SWORDS CARDS.

Again, I had relentlessly looked for the original eight of swords, and so had my partner. I’d also just removed all the swords cards from the deck, and there’d only been one.


I could sense my guides laughing as I tried so hard to make sense of it. The only thing I could think was that somehow the dropped card I picked up may have been the extra eight of swords, and I genuinely overlooked it for a reason while separating the deck out.

The client really needed the message these cards brought to be sent home- and it definitely was!

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