A fact that is not very well known is that the spiritual heart, much like the physical heart, has separate chambers. What’s even more interesting though, is that the spiritual heart actually has three chambers rather than two. But what does that mean for our ascension process?

The heart is a very delicate energy center. Being that there are seven (or nine, if you count the soul star and earth star chakras) total main chakras, this places the heart right in the middle of the energy body.

I have more often than not seen a correlation between struggles and imbalances in certain chakras (such as the sacral), and found that same problem echoed in the heart. It truly seemed to me that everything that impacted the energy system in some way, whether it be an overactive third eye or an underactive root, the heart also had some form of impact.

This is not to say that it’s uncommon for an imbalance to impact other chakras- as imbalanced energy continues to snowball in one area, it begins to affect surrounding chakras. 

I have noticed, however, that no matter where the imbalance is located, the heart always seems to be affected in some way.

This is because there’s a lot more to the heart center than we previously understood.

The heart plays an extremely important role in the ascension process. If you think about it, many different belief systems hold compassion and love as the highest standard. It seems that the no matter what doctrines you subscribe to, compassion is the known key to living a life that is fulfilling.

What does this mean for those of us who avidly study energy work and the nature of the Universe? Though we can all agree that higher dimensions operate with more unconditional love the higher you go, what does that mean for us on Earth who are seeking to align with this?

The heart has three layers, or chambers, that we enter as we are better able to access our connection within.

Each “layer” or “chamber” of the heart has a different color and governs a separate aspect of love.

The first layer, which is the layer referenced in most energy study about the heart, is the bright green layer of love. Think of the love you have for material items such as your car, or for a job you really enjoy. 99% of humanity operates from this space.

The second layer is the gorgeous pink layer of unconditional love. Different than the green love, this is the kind of love that humanity actually very rarely feels without consciously working on it. Unconditional love is how you feel when someone could do anything, from commit a murder to achieve their wildest dreams, and you’d still love them without judgement. This also means always loving yourself, no matter what experiences you have had or are having. The self-love I often refer to is unconditional love of the self.

It is in this state of the heart that we are able to align with Source and create a life for ourselves that we deserve. This is also the layer of the heart where we find connection with our with higher dimensional beings and with our inner truth. Our entire energy system will operate at a higher frequency, enabling us to reach higher levels of consciousness and free ourselves of trauma that was previously holding us back.

Keep in mind: unconditional love does not necessarily mean that you stay in an unhealthy setting, as having unconditional love for yourself is just as important if not more so than having unconditional love for others. See this important article for more information on this.

The third layer is the brilliant blue of compassion. This layer is where we truly begin to tap into not just love, but understanding of ourselves and others. True compassion and connection at this level is very hard to attain on Earth- it has been termed enlightenement, samadi, etc. Many people do not reach this level of compassion long term, but we can see small moments where we tap into this energy, and we will reunite with this compassionate way of being after we finish our journey on Earth.

By meditating on the heart, we allow ourselves to clear the shadows that hold us back from accessing these inner chambers of the heart.

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