Shadow work is one of the most underrated and the most necessary processes of life. Many people aren’t sure what shadow work means, or why it needs to be done.

Why Shadow Work

Our shadow-selves are the sides of ourselves that we don’t like.

Another term for “shadow-selves” could be alter ego. The alter ego is the person that we hide inside.

This contains the aspects of ourselves that we deem unworthy of being a part of our main lives; perhaps they are too loud, or they care only about themselves.

Our shadows also contain the parts of our lives we had trouble processing. Traumas such as neglect or heartbreak that were too hard to process at the time they happened usually end up as pain within the shadow.

All the things we decided weren’t good enough to be a part of who we are, are hidden away and become our shadow-selves.

When we talk about doing shadow work, we’re talking about bringing the parts of ourselves that we consider unsavory back into the thrall of our lives.

This is necessary to do because our shadows are not as hidden as we may think they are. 

Our shadow-selves are just as much a part of ourselves as the self that we put forward and live as. It is understood that we create our own reality. As such, your shadow has just as much a hand in creating your reality as the self you put forward.

When things keep seeming to go wrong despite all the positive vibes you put out and all the compassion you share, it may be time to look within for discrepancies.


Shadow work is a necessary part of being human.

In order to fully be present in our lives and be able to live to our fullest potential, we must be comfortable with the entirety of who we are. This includes the less than perfect parts we would rather hide. This also means processing events that we may not have had the chance to learn from yet.

Shadow work allows us to be one with ourselves, and therefore one with Unity Consciousness.

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