Yoga with Aubrie Joy

Uniting Mind, Body, & Soul, One Practice At A Time

Join Aubrie Joy as she leads dynamic yoga classes, catered to reconnecting you with your body, mind, and spirit. Using movement, breath work, and meditation, you will experience a deep and magical flow unlike any other.

Yoga is offered both in person and over a distance via Zoom. Public and private classes are offered.

Interested in a private session? Let us know below!

Join Aubrie Joy every Monday at 9:30am for Mindful Slow Flow at Vigilante Yoga in Watertown, New York! Sign up, and see the rest of the schedule with the Vigilante family, below!

She has one of the most radiant souls I have come across in a very long time. She led us through an Intention Ceremony at a Beltane Festival yesterday. Her gentle voice, calming, soothing energy, and wise direction, were the perfect combination to inspire each of us to connect, ground, and let our intentions go. She has a true gift. I am grateful for the opportunity to experience working with her. I can easily see how good she is at her trade.

Kathryn A.

Doing yoga with Aubrie was SO relaxing! She has such a calm voice to guide you through.

Kourtney T.

Somatic Asension Group

Join our online sacred space! Located on Facebook, the Somatic Ascension Group is a no-cost place to begin your awakening with somatics. Learn different techniques on working with your felt sense, receive support from members, and make new friends! Each week includes a live lesson on somatic ascension- don’t miss out!

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